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About "A Woodsy Corner"

Welcome to "A Woodsy Corner" hobby wing of our Your Canadian Coin Connection's website. We recognize that general numismatic websites often overlook the uniqueness of a very long-standing tradition of "wooden nickels". This field has expanded to now include plastic and paper pogs too. Eventually, this site will also add unusual tokens to help bring recognition to that segment of the numismatic hobby.

Woods (wooden money, trade dollars and tokens) are intriguing covering many themes for at least hundred years. They come in a variety of inks such as black, maroon, brown, red, light blue, medium blue, dark blue, medium green, dark green, and purple, along with others. They can be made from a variety of wood especially maple, red alder, birch, beech, and finely sanded ash. They can be custom-made, blank, screen printed, etched, hand-carved, hand-painted, varnished or embroidered. Can have natural wood finish, varnish or double-veneer. They can be single colour both sides, different single colour each side, or multi-colour one or both sides. They come in a variety of sizes with the most common being 38mm, 44mm and 47/58/50mm for rounds. They can be flat or stubby, round, square or custom shape.

We hope you enjoy this "A Woodsy Corner" website and if you belong to a wooden currency collectors club or association who has a website and you would like it added, please email the webmaster.

News and Resources

Best way to gain news and resources is to join a local numismatic association or club. As well, dealers are often valuable sources of information and guidance. For wooden money collectors, the most popular association in Canada is the Canadian Association of Wooden Money Collectors ("C.A.W.M.C.") below.

Canadian Association of Wooden Money Collectors

Click Timber Talk logo below to C.A.W.M.C. website. Click here for President of C.A.W.M.C. or here for Editor of the C.A.W.M.C. newsletter Timber Talk.

The following outlines a few of the reasons to become a member of C.A.W.M.C.
  • You will receive news letters containing up to date information, news, advertising, and articles of interest to all Wooden Money Collectors.
  • You will meet, correspond and cultivate friendships with other C.A.W.M.C. members among whom are some of the best known numismatists and dealers in Canada.
  • You will be able to advertise your duplicate wooden money, for sale or trade, in Timber Talk.
  • You will be advised of where to write to acquire new wood issues, whenever that information becomes available.
  • You will become a more knowledgeable collector and thus be able to enjoy and contribute to the betterment of the hobby.
  • You will be able to introduce new woods you encounter in your travels to the other members, and to provide information to update the Canadian Woods Catalogue maintained by Norm Belsten.
  • You will be informed about changes to the Wooden Money listings as they become available.
  • You will be entitled to bid on woods that are in the C.A.W.M.C. mail auctions.
  • C.A.W.M.C. Annual meetings are typically held at Ontario Numismatic Association Conventions and the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association's Conventions. They are exciting involving free woods, auctions, and prizes, but most importantly fellowship.
  • You can also provide a wood (you designed) for all members and have this wood featured in a particular month and written to your credit in the Timber Talk
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